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6 Weeks without Nene... Magic?

Under nba posted 1481 days ago.

Nene, Wizard’s forward will be out of the game for at least 6 weeks with a sprained MCL in his left knee, which leaves the team without their most reliable barometer for success. Last Monday, Nene underwent an MRI after he was injured in the third quarter of Sunday night’s 96-83 win at Cleveland. The six-week absence would leave the Brazilian out of the court play until the final games of the regular season. The Wizards are currently ranking in fifth position in the Eastern Conference. In March 2012, Nene was acquired in a trade and the Wizards are not the same team they used to be before Nene’s arrival. Their scores are proof of this, with Nene they score 60-61 and without him they score 8-34. Nene had one of his best games of the season Saturday, when he matched his career high with 30 points. Some role player are expected to fill Nene’s void, Drew Gooden, Kevin Seraphin, Al Harrington, and Trevor Booker are those players, who are to give their best so Nene’s absence is not noticed as much. We will see what happens on the Orlando Magic the Wizard’s host.


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