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Ballmer, LeBron... The Clippers?

Under nba posted 1480 days ago.

Some people have been speculating about what LeBron James might be up to next year. And with NBA Finals approaching it is very hard not to wonder whether LeBron will continue to be a part of the Miami Heat, or if he will be willing to shift teams. Some people even have named the team where LeBron could be playing next season, considering his free agency status. When the Donald Sterling scandal broke, James was one of the most prominent players to express his dislike towards Sterling racial slurs. His outburst caused Sterling to get the harshest penalty he could have gotten. Sterling is now on the path of being removed from ownership, and Steve Ballmer has recently agreed to purchase the Clippers for $2 billion. LeBron would have never joined the Clippers with Sterling at the ownership’s head, but who knows what will happen next, Chris Paul maintains a friendship with the star. Surely Ballmer will aim at getting stars as part as his brand new job as owner of the Clippers, I believe only time will provide answer for the rumor mill that has been going on.


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