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Heated disappointment

Under nba posted 1479 days ago.

Miami Heat fans are nothing less than disappointed to due to the 1st game result of the Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs. The score was 100-95 with the Spurs as winner and without the Miami Heat’s star shine. Without him, his team just fell apart defensively and offensively. The Spur’s defense is nothing but great, but their arena is what presented the biggest challenge for the Heats. Due to an electrical failure, players had to put up with temperatures up 90 degrees. LeBron had joked about it earlier saying “it seems they trying to smoke us out of here”, sadly it kind of became truth. LeBron suffered cramps and had to take the bench. Whether you’re a fan or one of the many people who already have a bias against James, many are not satisfied with his performance, nor with him leaving the arena. Let’s just hope we enjoy more games where we can see out team playing to the best of their abilities.


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