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LA Clippers Lose To Atlanta 0.6 Seconds To Go

Under nba posted 2597 days ago.

This was a really disappointing game for a new Clippers fan like me, a team that wants to make a run for the playoff losing a game like that.

All the press are concerned about Blake Griffin foul at the end, if it was correct or not, in my opinion it was... Al Horford #AlHarford was clearly on his way for a dunk. Griffin #BlakeGriffin made a strong foul but 0.6 Sec to go, only thing that works in your brain are intincts and as we saw Blake Griffin in the past, this is just how he reacts, ref called a flagrant foul, not sure if it was the right call.

Overall a very good game, but if they really want a shot on the playoff this year they have to win a game like that, still showed that the clippers #Clippers are on a playoff level, too bad they started the season so badly.


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