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Lebron: One of the four-fab of all times? Not so fast

Under nba posted 1487 days ago.

Lebron James, has recently stated, what many consider, an “arrogant” self appreciation on his NBA professional performance. His impressive 6 ft 8 inches and his game have earned him the nickname of “King James” Despite his praised and award winning career, he had to work to improve his image in the past 3 years after being ranked as one of the most disliked athletes back in 2010; and after his controversial statement he has gained more than one “dislikes” towards his public persona. He’s convinced he will retire as one of the best four players of all times, and even when stats favor such prediction, many agree that numbers aren’t all when it comes to “carving” his face in the NBA’s Mount Rushmore. When experts are asked to state who the best players of present days are, James is included in every list, but the controversy comes when they must decide on the best NBA players of all times, and many don’t consider that James’s name has earned a place in the top four. Cultural impact along with personal and team success are very important factors to consider when selecting the most relevant names in the NBA’s history. Whether he’ll make it to the “final cut” in the NBA history we don’t still know, but there is still plenty time for us to enjoy his game.


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