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Lebron vs. Rockets: Rockets

Under nba posted 1473 days ago.

Lebron James was noticeable exhausted at the game with The Rockets. James had the opportunity to tie the match with a 3-pointer at the buzzer, but he missed just like most of his second half shots. James has stated that he was indeed “extremely tired” and that he spent most of the day sleeping. Lebron James said “I fought through it in the first half. Second half, it just wasn´t there for me.” “Got out of rhythm.” Eventough the Heat managed to cut their deficit to 3 when Michael Beasley hit a 3 pointer with 21.20 seconds left. During the game, James got accidentally hit on the face, which left him laying down, and holding his broken nose for a while. The Rockets said their game was “composed” and that they were confident in their game, which led them to victory. Hopefully Lebron will get over it soon, and his game will be back in the court yard to show us who he is.


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