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Maccabi Tel Aviv is the EuroLeague Champion

Under nba posted 1497 days ago.

A little bit of news from Europe

Maccabi Tel Aviv is the EuroLeague Champion, the Israeli team which had no chance of winning, did it and did it with a lot of heart and hustle.

The game was all Real Madrid in the First Half but ended the final minutes of the second quarter with a run of Maccabi who was able to lower the difference to 2 with a 3 pointer by David Blu ending the Quarter with 35-33 to Real Madrid.

The second half was very close with more than 20 lead changes and breath taking moments up un till the final second that finish with an overtime 73-73.

In the overtime it just seemed like Real Madrid just was out of breath and it was all Maccabi in the overtime especially with the help of Tyrese Rice that had his 21 of his 26 points in the forth quarter and overtime and won the MVP of the game. Maccabi won in the end 98-86.

"Europe is YELLOW" was spread through the streets of Israel and the thousands of fans that came to Milano and the Millions in Israel were celebrating the whole night.

Amazing win from the team that no one thought will make it.


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