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Miami Heat’s Three Musketeers

Under nba posted 1426 days ago.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have demonstrated the power they can bring to a game just by playing together. The three have been to the NBA Finals in the three season they have been together, winning the last two titles. Sadly, they might not play anymore seasons beyond the fourth one. We must not forget that their op-out clause and the new collective bargaining agreement undeniably. Wade has stated that there is no reason to worry much about the future and that he is focusing in enjoying the team. Whatever his decision is, he said he will think about what is best to his family. What will happen in the future is still not very clear, even when the trio decide to stick together, one of them will be probably traded. If they do stay together, and teammates Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen also chooses to exercise their player options, the Heat would be at $70 million. Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated estimates that if the Heat stay together, after the tax, the total payroll cost will come in at around $141.30 million. According to Forbes, the Heat’s operating income was just $29.2 million with a $90 million payroll. Even the Heats add $50 million in payroll costs. They will be operating with a $20 million loss, even if they win a championship. With all that has been said, this is probably the last season of the three staying together. Things at the Heats are on fire.


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