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Paul Pierce and Ray Allen Easy Win Over The Kings.

Under nba posted 2620 days ago.

Boston Celtics( #Celtics ) Monday`s loss to Houston dropped Boston out of the top spot in the Eastern Conference, but the best team in the east had no problem on winning this one. Right from the starts with a 8-0 in the first 76 sec of the game.

The #Kings without star Tyreke Evans ( #TyrekeEvans ) who missed his third consecutive game because of a sprained left ankle, had trouble on offense with no answer to the Celtics.
#kings B. Udrih scored 16 points and C. Landry scored 17 pointed off the bench.

P. Pierce scored 25 and Ray Allen scored 14 for the #Celtics.

The Celtics improved to 5-3 since Kevin Garnett injured his right calf.



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