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Return to his hometown: "King" James is back

Under nba posted 1440 days ago.

Rumors had already sparkled curiosity about what the next stop would be for LeBron James. Some people even speculated that the now former Miami Heat's star could be interested in playing for the Clippers, but oh surprise! he said he wanted to go back home. Ohio, the place that saw "King" James being born is now the "house" for the NBA star. The Cleveland Cavaliers are now welcoming James. LeBron has stated he believes Ohio needs as much talent as they can get. So, he is taking the first step towards it. He is doing so to set an example for kids who look up to him, he wants to prove them there is no better place to grow than home. We will for sure be anxiously waiting what the next season will bring along. Controversy seems to be LeBron middle name, so we will be ready to see what happens next. Good Luck "King" James!


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