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Rookie of the year? Blake Griffin No Doubts

Under nba posted 2616 days ago.

LA Clippers won 114-107 vs Indiana, they are 10 win in the last 14 games with a great come back since October. Might even get to the playoffs.

But this is not the big news, its all about Blake Griffin #BlakeGriffin 47 points with 19 of 24 shooting and 14 rebounds 28 consecutive double-double and 33 over all this season.

This amazing player on his rookie year keep getting better on each game. He is also known as NBA`s most prolific dunkers with outstanding leaping ability, he will participate in the NBA`s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on Feb 19th.

Blake Griffin and new rookies like him are the reason the #NBA is slowly getting its popularity back to the golden Michael Jordan age, we will sure hear his name often during the next few years.

Good luck #Clippers !


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