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Washington cannot beat San Antonio

Under nba posted 1487 days ago.

There are already 16 straight games San Antonio has beaten the Washington Wizards this being the record for consecutive wins against a team in the NBA. Tim Duncan scored his most points in a game this season, with 31 points, before leaving in the second overtime fouling, when Ducan floated the pass high, Wall leaped higher to pick it off, then raced up the court for a layup to complete an improbable one-man run of six points in 10 seconds to force another extra period, any momentum created for the Wizards from the dramatic finish to the first overtime dissipated in the second behind, tired legs, poor execution, half-hearted jumpers and slow rotations. The result was a 125-118 loss to the Spurs that extended the longest, most lopsided current streak over one team in the NBA. Patty Mills scored 11 of his 23 points in the two overtimes for the Spurs, who have not lost against the Wizards for more than eight years now, since the 110-95 defeat registered on November 12, 2005. The Spurs outscored the domain that Miami maintains of 15 games without losing against Charlotte in the list of the longest team in the league over another. Duncan also added 11 rebounds and five assists, and Danny Green had 22 points for San Antonio, but Tony Parker had to leave at halftime by numbness in the lower back and did not return.


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