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Oxy what? What a pain…

Under nfl posted 1482 days ago.

A recent lawsuit has been filed against the NFL once again. And this time the lawsuit claims that the league’s teams knowingly and illegally supplied players ith pain-killers and anti-inflammatories to get players to stay on the field, and hiding the long-term hazard related to the use of drugs. However, some people say that were the players themselves willingly and knowingly filled their bodies with drugs that can help them to ease the pain of such a violent and dangerous game. Many things can be said, but only two with certainty, 1: the league has many times overseen the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatories, as a mean of protecting themselves from lawsuits like the one that has been already submitted. 2: We still have a long way to go, because players sometimes refuse to take responsibility for their long-term health. There has been said that many players get a painkiller injection even before starting a game. And many nay wonder why would players do such thing. Well there are many reasons some players are willing to do so in order to keep their jobs or simply because they want to always win and give the very best of themselves. Facts tell us that in many cases players are leaving the game addicted to painkillers or suffering the consequences of long-term use. And that is the most common issue affecting those who have retired and enrolled in The Trust, a program sponsored by the player’s association. Terrell Fletcher was a running back with the Charges from 1995 to 2002. In those years he faced several surgeries and injuries to his ankles, ribs, wrists, knees, feet and hamstrings. He said he felt he was under pressure being shorter than his fellow players, and that is the reason he accepted the painkillers. The major issues developed 8 months after retiring, and when he went to a doctor’s check-up, he found out he was having kidney problems, due to the years of prescription drug use. Like Fletcher many don’t think about the consequences on their bodies, what players want is to be able to play, no matter what. They carry a heavy burden because of their fans, and because they have families to support. Nowadays the league is running tests on a regular basis for abuses of prescription meds as part of its bargained drug policy. Let’s hope players stay fit and healthy so we can keep enjoying football.


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