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Red Skins… an inappropiate name?

Under nfl posted 1474 days ago.

It has been discussed for too long if you ask me. I am not a RedSkin’s fan, but I don’t hate their name either. But it seems that some people are just determine to provoke the team’s name change at whatever cost. The opponents of the Redskin’s name will air an ad during the NBS Finals. During game 3 between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat, the ad will air only in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Sacramento. The Redskins have hired a lobbying firm. The firm McGuire Woods Consulting has stated that their responsibilities will be discussions of team origins, history and traditions, Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and youth sports, activities of Original Americans’ Foundation. The Redskin’s foundation has been created in order to provide resources to tribes around the country. The team is trying its best to respond to the criticism over its long established name. I am not sure when the name became offensive and for whom. I believe some people are trying to get an advantage from this argument that continues to heat up, I am looking forward to what will happen later tonight and the reactions from both, fans and antifans.


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