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Holy Hockey! When is it too much for a fan?

Under nhl posted 1481 days ago.

When I heard the prices of the tickets for game three of the New York Rangers against the Los Angeles Kings, which will be the first held at Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden in the best-of-seven series, range from $2,363 to $8,600 I just couldn’t believe my ears. However, for a truly fan the price might not be as important as being there to support their team no matter what. The resale prices are comparable to those of the Super Bowl, and let’s be honest, hockey is not as popular as football, so it still sounds too pricey to me. I also have to note that I am not the only one who wouldn’t pay that much. I’ve heard some fans are upset about the resale prices and even they are serious fans they would still not spend that much money for a single game. Chris Matcovich a spokesman for TiqIQ said the prices could start at $7,500 if the teams make it to game six. And he is sure fans still will pay those excessively high amounts, he thinks a die-hard fan will do anything it takes to watch and cheer his team up, no matter what.


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