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Nancy E. Lane
Return to his hometown: "King" James is back
Rumors had already sparkled curiosity about what the next stop would be for LeBron James. Some people even speculated that the now former Miami Heat's star coul...
Under Articles posted 1316 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Red Skins… an inappropiate name?
It has been discussed for too long if you ask me. I am not a RedSkin’s fan, but I don’t hate their name either. But it seems that some people are just deter...
Under Articles posted 1350 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Heated disappointment
Miami Heat fans are nothing less than disappointed to due to the 1st game result of the Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs. The score was 100-95 with the ...
Under Articles posted 1355 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Ballmer, LeBron... The Clippers?
Some people have been speculating about what LeBron James might be up to next year. And with NBA Finals approaching it is very hard not to wonder whether LeBron...
Under Articles posted 1356 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Holy Hockey! When is it too much for a fan?
When I heard the prices of the tickets for game three of the New York Rangers against the Los Angeles Kings, which will be the first held at Manhattan’s Madis...
Under Articles posted 1357 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Oxy what? What a pain…
A recent lawsuit has been filed against the NFL once again. And this time the lawsuit claims that the league’s teams knowingly and illegally supplied players ...
Under Articles posted 1358 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Aaron Hernandez, a future lost to... bad temper?
Former New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez has been cahrged with two counts of first-degree murder in the July 2012 killings of two men in Boston, prosecutors ...
Under Articles posted 1376 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Sam made it to the NFL, a new era starts
Michael Sam has made history in the NFL. And an important piece of history has been written by the St. Louis Rams. Sam has been drafted with the 249th pick in t...
Under Articles posted 1379 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Kevin Durant, The Oklahoma City star’s defense, has been called a unreliable on a newspaper local . The headline came out after a game lost to the Memphis Gri...
Under Articles posted 1386 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
An NFL born Hero: Tillman, 10 years later
10 years later, and the name of Pat Tillman is still a synonym of heroic and big-hearted human being. The NFL most respected and beloved child is with no doubt ...
Under Articles posted 1399 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Miami Heat’s Three Musketeers
LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have demonstrated the power they can bring to a game just by playing together. The three have been to the NBA Finals in...
Under Articles posted 1400 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Packers: Matt Flynn is a keeper, at least for now
Last year, the Green Bay Packers were up in the air as how Graham Harrell or B.J. Coleman would give a good perfomance or not for a NFL game on the line. Howeve...
Under Articles posted 1405 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
CBA Change may Delay Extensions
NFL teams have spent money in free agency with no problems. Until Sunday, 255 players have been signed or re-signed off the unrestricted free agent list still l...
Under Articles posted 1407 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Whether his nose lesion is still taking a toll on Lebron’s performance, he indeed struggled against the Chicago Bulls at last Sunday’s game. He shoot 8 of 2...
Under Articles posted 1412 days ago.
Nancy E. Lane
Jaguars and the Pre-Draft Season
David Caldwell, Jacksonville Jaguars general manager, has restated his position during the NFL owners meeting held last week. There is a still a number of quest...
Under Articles posted 1417 days ago.